Flower and garden show 2016


2017 Flower and Garden Show is April 8th , 10 am to 7 pm, Agave Gardens

Dear Market Place:

Celebrate Gardening in Antigua Barbuda, 8th annual Flower and Garden Show, 2017

Saturday April 8th to 10 am to 7 pm at the Agave Gardens, Friars Hill Road.

Plan now to Exhibit, or sponsor the show

Our Flower & Garden Show is big, exciting, entertaining, and full of opportunity! It’s the perfect place to expand your customer base.

Meet prospects and sell merchandise, introduce and demonstrate new products, generate sales, develop brand name recognition, call to take a booth today, space are limited.


Our theme for the 2017 Flower and Garden Show is “Grow a Garden”

April 8th 2017 at Agave Gardens Annual Flower and Garden Show! 10 am to 7 pm

Asking all participants to create a garden, make you imagination soar and grow a garden at your booth!tunetrack

Happy Valentines to all!

Lovely wild roses, bromeliad, pogada flowers, black pearl, desert rose

Tip of the day

Tip of the day!IMG_2947

Continue to deadhead faded blooms in your flower garden. It encourages new flowers and makes your beds look fresh and tidy.

Agave gardens is open!

Agave openflyer

Agave gardens is now open Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Saturdays at Friars Hill Road, St. John’s

Stop by and relax in our beautiful developing gardens, have a cool drink or enjoy our botanical library, and gift shop.

See whats in the green house!






Desert Rose ‘Adenium obesum’ shades of pink, white, red and yellow’ this tropical , hearty plant lends structure and beauty to your landscape, drought tolerant, poropogates easily from seed pods

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Save the date, 2017, Saturday April 8, Flower and Garden Show At Agave Gardens


Happy Holidays !

img_1507Desert Rose, ‘Adenium obseum’ beautiful problem free succulent plant flowers year round in many shades of white, red, pink and even yellow with little moisture, exotic seed heads and easy to propergate

Stop by and pick up a lovely little gift at our botanical shop