Open Gardens Program:

Mrs. Christy Martin’s Lyons Garden in St. Philips, beautiful views and a variety of garden beds.13315731_893866434072731_193436653779633429_n

Welcome to the Open Garden Programme

Lindsay Hill Gardens – Parham, Antigua


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*Please note this garden will be open by invitation from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

The gardens are 15 years in the making we met stones and more stones, and we developed over a period of trials and tribulations, hurricanes and drought.

We started with a small area and built up to what it is today with Leo’s talented design of laying brick paths directly around the house the addition of a koi pond and an Aviary. There is a seasonal herb garden and the fruit tree garden that leads to the all important compost heap We have developed the bromeliad garden, and citrus orchard; there is tropical flora garden off the orchid terrace!

The latest additions is what I call my circular throwaway garden, all plants that tent to be neglected by some gardeners The addition of the palm garden that leads to the vine decks and green house.

Enjoy it! Visitors pay $10.00 and card carrying paid up members of the Antigua Barbuda Horticultural Society pay $5.00IMG_1648