Megaskepasma erythrochlamys (Brazilian Red Cloak)

The Red Cloak is well suited to almost any cultural situation. It will grow just as well in shade as in full sun. It is partial to light, high organic soil, but will also thrive in very poor soil. It would rather have a moist condition, but again, will do just find in dry settings. If you apply heavy organic mulch, fertilizer 2 or 3 times a year, water once in a while, your plant will be the talk of the neighborhood.The plant forms a clump of spreading stems, each topped with tall spikes of bright flowers. The individual flowers are white, or pale pink. What makes them so outstanding is that the tall spikes are almost totally enclosed by bright red bracts. Mature plants (2 years and older) will bloom almost all year. Ideal growing conditions will yield a plant that is up to 15 feet tall, and just as wide. Not to worry if your space is not that large as this plant takes well to hand pruning.