About Us

The Antigua/Barbuda Horticultural Society/ at the Agave Gardens

We are here to introduce gardening to a wide variety of our society to educate, teach, conserve and to achieve excellence in plant knowledge, garden design and an appreciation of plants. Liaise with other Botanical Gardens in the Caribbean and register with the RHS in an effort to attend and compete at the annual Chelsea Flower.

We are open to anyone who is passionate about gardening, horticulture, who wants to learn, and share his or her knowledge. ABHS is a not for profit organization  we meet once monthly November through May, and with a bi-annual executive board meet.

We are developing our new home  and garden at the Agave Gardens, Friars Hill Road, become a ‘Friend of the Agave Gardens’ now. Get our quarterly newsletters.

  • President-  Ms. Barbara Japal-   268 725 5507
  • Research/Asst President-
  • Secretary-  Mrs. Generis Taylor Hodge  268 764 5620
  • Treasurer- Ms. Laura Abraham
  • Asst Treasurer- Mrs. Yvonne Martin
  • Events- Mrs. Christie Martin
  • Development- Mr. Patrick Ryan

The ABHS Is open to anyone active in or interested in horticulture. Join us today, annual membership fee is $50.00

Developing Agave Gardens, the gardens are open for visits Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

between 10 am and 3pm please call to arrange a special visit  725 5507


Re formed by: Barbara Japal, and Friends










Poem By Miss Isabella Japal

12 years old


Sunshine’s, summertime,

Pools are splashing.

Ground is dry from heat,

Cars a fleeing for the beach.

The crack of a baseball bat and kids cheering,

Deafening your hearing.

Schools out, sun is in!