ABHS Agave Gardens, Friars Hill Road, Antigua

2014 Master Land use plan


The long-established Antigua & Barbuda Horticultural Society is now launching a campaign to develop an exciting new base for its activities.


This is The Antigua Agave Garden, strategically located on land donated by the Government on Friar’s Hill Road.   The land has been cleared and recently fenced.  Plans for the development of a beautiful botanic garden for Antigua are underway. This will be beneficial for the residents of Antigua and become a new tourist attraction for our visitors.


While the Horticultural Society has events throughout the year to raise funds, a project of this nature needs serious financing.

Therefore it has been decided to launch “The Friends of Antigua’s Agave Gardens” to attract the many people who have no time to spare to become members of the Society but who are interested in Antigua’s Horticultural life.


To become a “Friend” there is a range of annual membership subscription fees as follows: Donate on line info@antiguahorticulture.com or checks to

Antigua Horticultural Society.

Corporate:   $1000.00

Family:  $350.00

Individual:  $200.00

Pensioner:  $50.00

Child under 15:  $20.00

Friends will receive an e-mailed newsletter every quarter giving details of upcoming events, useful seasonal tips and news of horticultural activities on the island.      In addition there will be a 50% discount on entrance to the Garden and for all events, and for plants, etc., bought from the Horticultural Society.

Our plan is to have beautiful sustainable gardens, a botanical shop and library, gifts, useful garden accessories and a small refreshment area.

Donations will be gratefully received, whether very small amounts, a very special tree or plant, or entire projects which will bear the name of the donor, such as a bench, a water feature, pond, specific gardens, an aviary.IMG_1622


The gardens are on the way, just a quick reminder where we started.

Ariel Photo of Hort Land[1]In 1986 Antigua Barbuda Government gave the ABHS Society  two Acres of  Land on Friars Hill Road, just opposite the Cotton Station at Dunbar’s.

In 2010, The Society finally got the details of the land, when Pat Frazer  and Cath Trafton got copies of the arial view of the land, I obtained the  original survey sheets

2010 We planted our sign.

2012 The land use and development was rendered by our Vice President  Cath Trafton and we started to clear the land.

2013 We began we cleared the land and hosted our annual Flower and Garden show on the site

We are now working on fencing the property with the help and commitment of Mr. Patrick Ryan of Bryson’s and many others, we will begin Phase 1 of this wonderful project, beautiful gardens for all to enjoy.

We invite all to help participate, donations, gardeners, plants, building material are all needed and very welcome.!

2013: Our fence is up thanks to   ABHS and to Mr. Patrick Ryan and Co